N° 10
Town / Village : Ayios Epiktitos / Catalköy

District : Kerynia



The settlement lies on a small headland.

The first settlers scooped out great troughs in the rock and built their huts below-ground. The first huts were flimsily made, sometimes of timbers infilled with leaves and bark. Southwards the village was fortified by a ditch and also a wall, to isolate the tip of the headland.

Later generations made stronger houses . The houses were built half-sunk, their walls made of stone and wet clay and roofed with reeds covered with mud and wet clay. Rush mats were used on the floors. Narrow, covered passages linked the houses. Since there were no windows and the doors were placed high up, it was very dark in these huts and lamps had to be used.  The inner walls were also plastered with wet clay. Each room had a small round hearth and a stone bench behind it. There must have been wooden shelves or lofts to store all their gear.  When the early ditch had silted up its area was available as a hollow to build new houses in.

In the last phase some of the houses protruded above ground, but their tops have been eroded away by weather on this windy site.

They buried their dead outside the village.

Following the earthquake around the year 3000 BC. The people of Vrysi abandoned this place.

 Period : 4750 – 3000 BC.



The importance of the site is because we have the first evidence of handmade pottery (‘Red on White’) produced in Cyprus from the last period of Neolithic Age II (3500-3000 BC.) We also found proof of the first textile making. Olive and grape remains indicate the colonists introduced specialized horticulture to Cyprus. It seems that Wine-making was also known.





The people cultivated cereals and herded animals. Evidently textiles were important , 250 bone needles and 132 spindle-whorls were found in the earliest level. Another craft was stone-knapping.

Amongst the finds unearthed were polished stone axes and chisels, and stone idols. Moreover, golden earrings, and other golden artifacts, indicate a high level of culture.



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