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Town / Village : Engomi / Tuzla

District : Famagusta



Enkomi is packed with rock-cut tombs, located within the houses’s courtyards.  The tombs resemble those of Kition and Ugarit (Syria) and are cut into the natural rock. The area’s first archaeological investigations had assumed that the town’s remains were of a later date than the tombs and so many of these remains were removed.

Built tombs also exist to the esat of the sanctuary of the Horned God. Two of these are of rectangular plan and have flat roofs consisting of a stone slab. A stone stairway led to the tomb’s mouth (stomion).  The third tomb is dome-shaped, its lower part built of stones and the upper part of baked bricks. Its plan is oval in shape and is a unique example of tomb architecture in Cyprus (dated to the 13th century BC.).

Period :

Most of the tombs were found looted but can be dated to the 13th century BC.



Enkomi’s cemetery is known to be the richest Late Bronze Age cemetery in Cyprus.





TOMB 2 : an unusually rich grave (1425 BC.).

In it were the bodies of three elderly individuals, a woman and two men. From their regalia which consisted of gold, alabaster, faience vessels and fine ceramics, they are thought to have been priests. The most beautiful objects of all in this tomb were a pair of silver bowls with wishbone handles ; one was plain, the other inlaid in gold and niello with a design of bulls’ heads and flowers. His bowl is one of the show-pieces of Mycenaean art. A pair to it, which must have come from the same craftsman, was found in Greece in a royal tomb at Dendra, in the Argolid.

TOMB 18 : (beneath the building 18)

Where exquisite tiny women (5ft tall or less), were decked out with mirror, necklace, bracelets, and rings for fingers and toes. As well as being  buried with their infants, they had consorts (6 ft tall or over), whose accoutrements included a sword of Central European type, a spear and a pair of greaves (shin guards).



Schaeffer CFA., Enkomi-Alasia I, Paris 1952.




Vegetation, grazing and indications of excavations being carried out by unauthorized persons are causing extensive destruction to the site.


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