TOMBS (Bronze Age)


N° 68 b
Town / Village : Morphou / Güzelyurt

District : Morphou



Toumba tou Skourou was an important harbour town , at a time when the bay of Morphou reached further towards the island’s interior. The tomb area lies to the east.

Tomb V is the earliest tomb and is contemporary to the founding of the settlement at the end of the Middle Bronze Age. The tomb contained a number of burials and among the grave goods are imported vessels (Tell el Yehudiyeh) but also imitations of imported wares.

The large circular shaft of Tomb I is dated to 1550-1525 BC. and it was sunk undermeath the mound. It consists of 13 niches for infant burial and three chambers for the burial of approximately 36 adults. Tomb I is the largest and richest tomb in the Morphou area and it was used for at least 100 years. The tomb’s grave goods consist of a representative sample of the different vase styles found in the Morphou area until the end of the 15th c. BC. . Eight hundred vases were unearthed along with gold, silver, bronze and ivory objects, jewelry and cylinder seals. In addition, imported vases were found (Tell el Yehudiyeh, Palestine Bichrome vases and fragments of Minoan pottery).

The settlement’s latest burial was a burial in Tomb 2 (chamber 4) dated to the so-called ‘Amarna-Age’, around 1350 BC. A young woman was buried in an existing family chamber and was surrounded by rich grave goods (ivory, glass objects and lapis lazuli).





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